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His guilty plea and conviction aroused a public who thought he may have been part of a conspiracy.

However the Justice Department insisted no evidence of a conspiracy existed.

"The opportunity to work with you and serve Massachusetts has made my life worthwhile.

Deep down, it would seem, evangelicals are simply picking what they perceive as the lesser of two evils. How can character count for much once politics becomes tribal?Announcer: Senator Ted Kennedy may have seen his chances for becoming President deflated because of a bizarre and almost unbelievable car accident in which he was involved. Senator Ted Kennedy’s car accident, which took the life of Mary Jo Kopechne, was a confusing tale.It all started as a party; a party for former aides to the Senator’s late brother Robert.This time he made no mention of asking someone at the party to take him to Edgartown.He said he dived repeatedly to try to save Mary Jo, but then left the scene “exhausted and in a state of shock.” He said he walked the mile and a quarter back to the cottage where the party was still on and “asked for someone” to take him to Edgartown.

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  1. Murphy's an ideal salve for his wounded image: She's 30, for starters, and the last time she made headlines was because she got a preventative double mastectomy.