Marriages that resulted from teenage dating

Childbirth to teenage mothers in the United States peaked in the mid-1950s at approximately 100 births per 1,000 teenage girls.In 2010, the rate of live births to teenage mothers in the United States dropped to a low of 34 births per 1,000.In many ways it has become a proxy in what could be called the cultural wars.On one philosophical side of the debate, political and religious leaders use cultural and moral norms to shape public opinion and promote public policy with the stated purpose of preventing teen pregnancy. 2012 provides national vital statistics on teen pregnancy.This was the lowest rate of teenage births in the United States since 1946.In 2012, the live births to teenage mothers continued to decline to 29.4 per 1,000. In 2012, some 305,388 babies were born to girls between fifteen and nineteen years of age.Among girls fourteen and younger the rate of pregnancy is about 7 per 1,000.About half of these pregnancies (3 per 1,000) resulted in live births.

The best sources for research are professional journals and monographs from national and international health and development organizations focused on specific countries, regions, and global teenage pregnancy variations and trends.

Adolescent pregnancy is a complex issue with many reasons for concern.

Teenage pregnancy is a natural human occurrence that is a poor fit with modern society.

The bibliographic citations selected for this article will be extensive.

The objective is to cover the major issues related to teenage pregnancy and childbearing, and adolescent pregnancy and childbearing.

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