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You're making an effort, but it's just not working out.

But what if you're in your late 20s and the calls have stopped coming in? I hate when they say, "Oh, nobody's called for a shidduch. "If you were looking for a job, would it be enough to just sit there and wait for the offers to come in? You would be calling people, calling companies, posting your resume, scanning the papers, and doing whatever had to be done to get the job, or so we hope. What the hell are these people thinking who put up profiles without a mug shot?

What it doesn't do is increase the overall level of tznius and wholesomeness. There's much more to tznius than covering one's knees, elbows, collarbone and hair.

Nowadays everyone in cyberland and real life is going on and on about tznius.

What's tzniusdik and whats not, what is mikshul males and why, various rabonim and rebitzens speaking out on tznius, the view that tznius is for women what learning is for men, the lack of tznius,women wearing flashy clothing and more.

I'm wondering if you know of any single girls...." Or calling shadchanim, especially ones who have long lists. You don't want the singles who deep down don't want to marry. Just be normal, which is a helluva lot easier said than done. But from reading the Jewish Depressed, there are a lot of these taking place in a lot of cities.

Now I know that some matchmakers have the reputation of giving you recycled crap, but you never know. So put up a pic and take time to carefully write a profile. So you can do Brooklyn one time, Queens the next, New Jersey, Long Island, and so on.

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Here's where the title of this post comes in and I sugest that we've got things backwards.

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