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They had all seen me race in the 100 Exhibition race at Perris, Castle Rock, or Graham.What goals did you have in racing in general and Pro racing specifically?Below is what I have for oldest riders to score AMA Grand National dirt track points: April 19, 2018 Most flat trackers know the names of the most successful women in AMA flat track history - Diane Cox, Tammy Kirk, Nicole Mees, Shayna Texter - but few know about Debbi Selden.Debbi Selden, of Tacoma, Washington, was denied an AMA Pro Racing flat track license in 1969.

And I realized that I love this; I want to do this. In a July 1968 article, you were quoted as having sent a petition to the AMA about getting a license the following year, but the AMA didnt even want to talk about it. I had a petition that was signed by every AMA National Number, 1 to 100, who supported me. Maybe they came to Castle Rock; maybe I went to Ascot or San Jose.

Which racers did you look up to when you were considering getting a pro racing license? He was exceptional at Graham and Castle Rock, but not so much at Sidewinders. He would set people up to pass them, he never did any dirty passes. In April 1969, you turn 18 and apply for an AMA Professional license.

Were you formally denied a license, or did the AMA simply ignore your request?

My goal was to be a factory Yamaha International rider: to race, and win, and to work my way up through the ranks. My parents had a Yamaha shop; I was working in the shop, selling parts, and working on my motorcycles.

And once I was no longer competitive, I wanted to go to college and get into marketing for Yamaha International. I would go to the dealer shows and try to network with people, and represent myself as positively as I could.

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Were you still racing Sportsman events during the court battle? I was too old to race the Exhibition races because you had to be under 18, and I was trying to work and make as much as I could to pay for the lawsuit, because I had no idea how long it was going to go on or how expensive it was going to get. How did people at the races react to you during this period? You filed your lawsuit in 1969, and you won in Superior Court in 1970, which the AMA immediately appealed, and you finally won in the Supreme Court in fall of 1971. Its funny I took my tools and sprockets to Philadelphia. I am changing the tires, the gearing, and the chain.

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