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Any thought if this is the correct spot for my car (1996 a4 v6 2.8l)Guess I learned something new today.

Looks like the 12V 2.8 engines have the crankshaft position sensor in that spot while the 30V 2.8 engines have a plastic plug and the crank sensor is in a different location.

Artem, I just finished my timing belt thanks for your amazing detailed instructions. Is there anyway to contact you through an personal email to ask you for advise?

On page 2 of this DIY it refers to puling the camshaft sprockets loose before installing the new TB.

I should also mention that this step is done with the cam sprockets loosened up (step 4 of installation).You can buy both tools on ebay for and then sell them for almost the same amount.I highly recommend that you get the tools, especially if this is your first time doing this job.Some people have made their own bars and there are some schematics online.The crankshaft pin you can probably replace with a standard bolt but you would need to know the correct length of the pin tool.

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