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In the 18th century more accurate surveys began to appear in the flat ground plan we know today as maps.Still they tended to show some significant buildings in elevation, like the ward plans of London in Strype's 1720 edition of Stow's .A few significantbuildings were marked on the map by letters, with their names given in a key.The use of such keys was quite common and can be seen more clearly in this zoomable map of Edinburgh c.1647 by James Gordon of Rothiemay.This type of map was produced more widely in the age of printing.John Ogilby's road maps of England and Wales in (1675)are the best-known.Instead we have written itineraries along the roads of gives us an idea of what they were like.

So few survive that one might imagine that the Romans, for example, did not know what a map was.Old Maps Online is a search engine for historical maps with a map interface.It indexes a huge number maps made available online by archives and libraries, including major online map sources mentioned below.In general urban surveyors gave closer attention to prominent buildings than to the mass of ordinary dwellings.Churches would be drawn individually, while houses might just be indicated by rows of identical roofed boxes.

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