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The mounting member may be mounted to the frame in a number of ways.For instance, a groove may be formed along an interior wall of the frame and the mounting member may be inserted into the groove.Therefore, there is a need in the art for a power inlet box suitable for outdoor use that allows a user to first mount a portion of the power inlet box to an exterior support structure, make the necessary electrical connections between the power inlet socket and the electrical circuits to which power is to be provided with the power inlet socket detached from the power inlet box, and then secure the power inlet socket to the power inlet box.The present invention is directed to a power inlet box suitable for outdoor or external use and configured in such a manner that electrical wiring may be electrically coupled to the electrical socket before the electrical socket is secured to the power inlet box.

The frame receives an electrical socket mounting member that is configured to be protected against rain, snow, dust, dirt, and the like by a removable outer cover.

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This can be problematic when making the electrical connections between the power inlet socket and the electrical circuits, i.e., the transfer panel, of the building.

More particularly, the fixed position of the socket, combined with the relatively tight interior volume of the power inlet box, provides very little space for a user to connect the wires to the terminals of the power inlet socket.

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