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See more events with the agency at a Lawrence event is tentatively slated for June. After the last BONNNG, we all turned in our ballots.

The ballots are cross-referenced and, if you and another of the daters both indicated a willingness to go on a second date, KC Speed Dating will pass along contact information.

My ego will never know if I charmed my way into these women’s good graces.

I afterward asked one of my dates, Samala Gaskins, how she enjoyed the experience.

Her first question was, “So, have you done this before? After establishing neither of us had done speed dating before, we proceeded with pleasant — if a bit forced — small talk.

Once we got going, Pam and I had a very nice conversation. I dated a banker, a children’s service worker, a Federal Reserve employee, an AT&T; representative, a debt collector, and a hilarious woman named Adrene who jokingly asserted that squirrels lived in my mustache.

She revealed that, on top of her 9-to-5 day job, she was the manager for her friend’s band. I jotted Pam’s name down on the ballot, shook her hand and thanked her for the nice time, and shuffled over to the next table. They were there for a variety of reasons — some were single moms, some were divorcees, and some were just young professionals without the time to deal with the usual dating nonsense.

“The appeal of speed dating is that it’s more targeted and focused,” she continued.

“It takes out the mystery in wondering if the speed daters are truly looking to date.

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