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But Arie was far from the first man to woo Emily Maynard on television, only to have it not work out.Before she dated Arie, (and before she briefly ended up with winner Jef Holm), Emily was engaged to two-time Bachelor Brad Womack.For people in a relationship, Valentine's Day is just how it is in the movies.Romantic dinners and spectacular gifts fill the holiday, along with chocolates, flowers and long strolls along the beach.He could very well still be single, but he could also be dating someone.Maybe Brad felt that dating someone without media attention and scrutiny would be easier than having the eyes (and hopes) of America pinned on him at all times.

Brad doesn't even have a Twitter or Instagram, which makes looking into his life particularly difficult.It seems like Brad has really tried to keep a low profile since leaving the screens of American homes.And, with his history on the show, it makes sense why Brad might want to disappear from the public eye.But the couple didn't exactly have a smooth run post-that ran after the finale, Emily shared that watching the season made her have some doubts about their relationship: "He had a tendency to say the same thing to a couple girls. Emily discussed the breakup in a emotional interview with host Chris Harrison.During the taped discussion, Emily revealed that though she loved Brad, things just didn't work out.

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