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Red eyes locked onto bright yellow, both burning and ready for the other troll to make the dick move. He had wanted to change his scenery since the summer had started. He had not seen his so-called friends face to face during the entire summer, and for a number of extraneous reasons: summer camp, a DJ mixing competition and being an asshole when it comes to computer coding. Not even ten fucking minutes later and he was getting angry again. Maybe today he could get away with wearing his black cardigan if it wasn't going to be too hot. "Fuck."Dear brother, while I do respect your privacy, and understand your privileges when it comes to sleeping in after long and burdensome nights, I must, unfortunately, disturb you from your slumber."Kankri. Either way, that wave of hatred was there, and it was turning into a fucking ocean of torture and suffering quick. Honestly, brother, you should consider cleaning your room today."It was already clean. He just forgot to toss those socks in the laundry hamper. The cold stare down between the brothers was worse. Karkat Vantas had one goal in mind: get through middle and junior high school without fucking everything up in sight. He's now stuck with a juggalo asshole for a best friend, a coding nerd and a self-proclaimed cool kid as close friends, and a new friend in the form of a large-horned softie who still plays games for little girls. Then again, this was not the first time he'd thought this. At least better than how he looked last year for his first day of middle school. As if things couldn't get any worse, he finds himself starting a fight with a spider bitch, playing matchmaker between a bee and a goat, and feeling (not really) black (hope to fucking GOG not) for more than one of his supposed "best friends". Whoever said these would be the best years of his life were either lying, high on Sopor, or were ribbing for a good culling. Nor was it the first time he'd wanted to punch Kankri's smarmy mouth clear into the next state. The wandering of youth would begin, the time of their life would start. The day they stop behaving like wimps and start facing their problems with a renewed passion.

IT’S NOT MY FAULT MY ASSKISSER BROTHER WANTS ME TO FOCUS ON STUDYING DURING THE SUMMER OR THAT MY SO-CALLED BEST FRIEND BRINGS IT UP EVERY CHANCE HE FUCKING GETS! I CAN NAME AT LEAST A THOUSAND FUCKING HORRIBLE THINGS I WOULD RATHER DO THAN SHARE A CLASSROOM, NAY ANY PRACTICAL FUCKING SCRUBLESSON, WITH GAMZEE AGAIN! He clenched his eyes tight, trying to forget the images of Egbert. The wave of anger descended in such a fashion that it almost felt like he was being washed into his own sea of hatred and bitterness. The anger was gone, and there he stood, bearing a heavy conscience and heart. Leaving right in the middle of an argument and confrontation like this? Karkat brushed sweat from his brow and felt the flush of anger leave his face. AT LEAST THAT HAS A GOOD RANGE WHERE I WON'T EASILY FUCK MYSELF UP. WHY NOT JUST SEND DAVE INTO THE BATTLE HEAD ON TOO, AND STRAP A BOMB TO HIS CHEST WHILE WE’RE AT IT? "I shall be the bigger troll and back down from another predictable, pointless fight and argument.""You know, the bigger troll doesn't have to admit he's bigger by saying that for the umpteenth time," Karkat grumbled."I respect your privilege to be somewhat irritable in the morning, and I apologize for causing you more discomfort than usual." He was obviously biting back the worst part of his speech. Karkat's ears pricked slightly as he heard his brother's muffled contentions as he walked down the hallway. BETTER YET, LET *YOURSELF* CHARGE *RIGHT* IN AND BLOW THE ENTIRE FUCKING BASE TO KINGDOM COME?! The thudding and subtle stomping of his brother's footsteps continued to make sound, even after he'd turn the corner. Besides, he had already thought up what to combat Kankri with in terms of verbal onslaughts. Second blanket folded neatly over the top, careful of the stitching. I FEEL THAT BEING NEAR HIM MAKES MY IQ DRO Think of a word and there it fucking was, painted in bright red letters across the screen. It also didn't help Vriska was there after the match to gloat, like she did every time she won. Damn her and her strategic ways, and fuck Egbert for switching sides with her over the summer! Karkat groaned as he felt the comfort of his sheets surround him further. How he wanted to punch that smarmy look off of his stupid face, wanted to make him regret ever meeting him. Black was replaced with some other vivid and bright light color. Saying he was being the 'bigger troll' in response? He'd have to ask Rose later about Kankri's supposed persona. What he lacked in general intelligence, he than made up for in long range shooting for fuck's sake! There had to be a way to get around Egbert's 'laser-guided vision', and give Vriska a sound, and much needed, double barrel fuck off. Maybe find a way to knock him down a peg, or get him to remove the mask, or whatever the fuck she went on about before.

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CG: IN CASE YOU ASSHOLES HAVEN’T NOTICED, I’M CURRENTLY KNOCKING ON DEATH’S DOOR AND TRYING TO PREVENT TWO OVERSIZED HULKS OF VIDEOGAMING TRASH FROM TAKING THE FEW TREASURES AND WEAPONS WE ACTUALLY WON IN THIS FUCKING GAME! And the celebration was the fucking sickest they ever had. And like the most obvious of idiots, he was always eager to forgive and forget. Those were what Kankri called "dissatisfaction conducted through his feet".

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