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At the time of Floyd Bennett’s construction, Newark was the primary airport serving New York City.

I have to admit – when you’re parked at one end of Floyd Bennett’s 4,000 foot runaway, it’s really, really hard not to ignore those pesky 25mph signs and see if your car can take off (doesn’t work, sadly).

What this means is that when you visit Floyd Bennett Field today…

…It’s like stepping back in time: Floyd Bennett Field is a great place to explore by bike, because the enormous expanse has so many neat things to discover.

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I’m guessing they’re offices or barracks dating to the field’s Naval usage, which lasted until the site was decommissioned in 1971: At some point, I think this also was used by a police operation, perhaps the United States Park Police. This is quite possibly THE most suspicious place you could be caught meeting a client in.

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