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I have a free profile on but it seems like 99% of the people don't use their profile and since I made my profile a month back, I hadn't got a message.This leads me to believe hardly anyone in my area uses paid dating sites.If you want to actually send an email, you have to pay up.Or, if you receive an email, you have to pay up to be able to read it.

Consider contacting women who live in the bigger cities. I've joined a few groups and have met some good friends because of it.

I don't advise that you rely on dating sites (free or paying) to find a matethere are few success stories and many dissapointments.

I don't know how old you are or where you live, But you won't be young forever.consider moving to a more cosmopolitan area where your chances of meeting someone will be much higher.

So the only choice I have left is to use dating sites.(Like I could strike up a convo with a girl at a store, but you never know if she has a BF and I actually heard of guys going to jail just for striking up a convo with the wrong girl.

(Like it happen a lot in the area I use to live in FL))Anyways, I try POF and for a while and I'm not having no luck.

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