Intimidating shades why does my sister hate me

My everyday use involves sweeping the third shade, W. S., all over my eyelid and then using this brush (the fluffier of the two) to sweep the fourth shade, Naked 2, into my crease.

For a heavier look, I’ll bring the two far-right shades into my crease and outer corner of my eyes.

thrilled to finally be sharing a full, in-depth post on how I do my makeup! All you have to do is input your email address and a few routine facts about yourself HERE. But since I am a far-cry from a beauty expert, it’s all simple and easy to apply!

This is a post that has been highly requested by y’all for the longest time, and in honor of the Sephora Spring Bonus sale that starts tomorrow (!!! What I love about it is that it looks lovely, natural and put-together without being “cakey” or excessive.

I’d recommend this Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette to any eyeshadow novice.

It has simple, lovely completely natural shades (nothing crazy, here) that take me from office to date nights to weddings and everything in between.

I went to get my makeup done for prom, and the artist used the Lancome Artliner in the shade “noir.” I have, too, ever since!

I apply a line across my lid and then sweep it out for a mini cat-eye. I don’t apply any on my lower lashes for a bright, open-eyed look. Mascara Everyone has their favorite mascara, and the Lancome Hypnose Drama is mine!

I’ve also used and highly recommend the TULA Hydrating Day & Night Cream (less expensive) and the Colleen Rothschild Sheer Renewal Cream (great if you’re looking for a lighter moisturizer.

Since I use so little, it doesn’t add any sort of powdery look to my face, and instead keeps things dewy and fresh. I’ve found that deeper blush tones work best with my skin tone, and love that this one looks incredibly natural. If you don’t have this little magic-worker, I highly recommend! Eye Shadow Little by little, I’m getting better and better at eyeshadow.

I’m a far-cry from Kardashian, but have learned the colors that look lovely and natural and how to apply them!

) I figured it was the perfect time to finally put this together! Here’s a little before and after to show you what I mean: Intrigued?

Before we dive into my personal beauty routine, let’s quickly cover all the important info on the Sephora Spring Bonus sale. Then let’s move into a step-by-step walkthrough of how I do my makeup. Moisturizer Without fail, the very first step to my makeup routine is a rich moisturizer.

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