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Think about eliminating the monthly charge for multiroom DVR service.When you've decided how much you can do without, call your provider with the proposed list of cuts and see who's willing to deal then.One positive finding from our survey is that consumers of telecommunications services are becoming more savvy negotiators.Four out of 10 respondents attempted to bargain with their service providers.“The customer that has been bouncing from one company to another on promotional discounts has hit a dead end with us,” he said in an investor call last November. In a recent attempt to negotiate with Verizon Fi OS by phone, one of our staffers managed to get an activation fee waived but little else, despite being a new subscriber.

As with any loan, you’ll want to keep interest rates in mind when you consolidate.

But if the FCC doesn’t act, broadband subscribers might see their access to streaming services controlled by their ISP.

And consumers don't seem too happy about that prospect.

Having just one monthly bill can make tracking and payments easier.

Use the funds in your personal loan or line of credit for what you need.

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But even as cable companies and other telecom providers get tough, our advice is to bargain harder.

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