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The reason women get into these infuriatingly confusing situations is because they fixate on the reason the guy gives for not being able to be in a relationship. The fact is, for whatever reason, he stopped feeling that attraction and desire for a relationship to move forward with you. Maybe the dynamic changed and what initially attracted him dried up.Source: Shutter Stock Sometimes dudes really are freaked out by commitment because they've been hurt in the past. And because most guys are conditioned to believe that they can't express their emotions or talk about how sad they are, they keep everything bottled up inside.Then those feelings come out in other ways, especially in future relationships.She thinks that when guys say, "I'm afraid of commitment," it's really just a lame excuse they're using because they don't want to tell you the truth: they just don't want to date Most of the time, I have to agree with Julie.Saying you don't like committing is much easier than explaining your true feelings.

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And it’s worse coming from a pal than some random guy, because with a guy friend, you have a history and actually care about his feelings–so you have to shoot him down carefully to avoid crushing him, but at the same time you’re paranoid from that point on about accidentally leading him on. What’s more, the study shows that guy friends can complicate relationships with dudes you’re actually dating (and if your guy friend has a girlfriend, this goes for her too).

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