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" I was about to tell her that she really needed to stop and let me get out of there, when she looked up at me. Except for the sound of my blood pounding in my ears.

I bet you have the girls drooling to get their hands and mouths on this!

I put them there on purpose to see how you would react to finding them!

Both mom and grandma were left comfortable with the money from the insurance. When she would bend over to pick up something, I couldn't help looking at her ass. We finished up and I went outside to smoke a cigarette. This is a small vice compared to what some of my friends do." The rest of the evening went along pretty well. I knew that if I started thinking about grandma using an egg and her dildo on her pussy, I would be stroking my hard dick with soapy hands.

Come here and let me see it again." I should have said no. I should have left her sitting there on the toilet. Instead, I walked a little closer to her, and then I was standing right in front of her.

With a big smile on her face, grandma opened her mouth and I felt her soft lips circle the head of my swollen dick. Grandma didn't take her eyes off me as she slowly worked her mouth back and forth.

Five years after that, my dad died in a car accident. Then she told me to finish helping her move the furniture. Well, I would steal peeks at her as she moved around. I was trying my best not to think of her as I showered. Seconds later, I could hear the rush of her pee hitting the water. Hearing her pee, seeing her sitting on the bowl like that, my dick grew hard.

It was also the day I found out a dark secret about my grandma. She never wore anything shorter than knee length, but what you could see of her legs didn't look bad. But this time, I needed the cigarette to help take my mind off of her.

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