Get him back even if he dating

If he asks why you’re so happy, you can acknowledge that his recent announcement or behavior reminded you that life is short and you decided to pay more attention to your happiness.

I wrote it because I was very angry at a specific incident.You may not feel like he deserves your smile, but what if this was more about you than him anyway?What if it was a manifestation of your commitment to have a happy life, regardless of what your husband is doing?Do whatever you have to do to make yourself laugh, feel inspired, delighted, self-expressed, alive, and loved by family and friends. You probably have lots to say to him, but consider keeping it as short and as sweet as you can.Instead of telling him how hurt and upset you are, consider being on the quiet side and giving him the space to talk by providing emotional safety—no anger, judgment or tears.

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But if you thank him–for continuing to pay the mortgage, for picking up the kids, for asking how you are–you’ll be focusing your attention on the things you want instead of the things you don’t want. I brought my husband to marriage counseling thinking the counselor would fix my husband and then I could finally be happy.

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