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I tried to keep my distance as much as possible but he kept talking to me. He told me how he had a new job, a truck driver, and that it gave him a lot of time to think. I was dating a guy at work and he has serious baby mama issues. It was intense and hard to figure out how to navigate our romance at work. Sending a text as she describes after some time has passed really is a great action to take.

Long story short, I gave in and started talking to him. We practiced together, cheered for each other and he even let me borrow his hoodies when it was cold. I just felt like I could say anything and he gets mad?! But what upsets me the most is that he is always staring at me and sometimes tries to make a conversation, but when he sees me walking around and he is with his girlfriend he hugs her and suddenly holds her hand. Brokenkokoro There was this guy that I was just in love with in High school 3 almost 4 years ago now. He said that he had realized that he had liked me the whole time and apologized for the way he acted before. We were friends first, before we hooked up he told me that it was over a year ago for him. He told me he didnt want a relationship, but on the second day of blissful hanging out, I asked him if he would be open to a relationship. He came to me stating he was very interested in a relationship Well his baby mama had his kid and he was sad about that, but there was no bs drama. The wording she uses is perfect and I used something similar and the next morning the guy sent three texts saying he was sorry he just forgot to reply and then thought I hated him, and he never meant to hurt me. In my case I have gone for 4 days without hearing from him.

He admitted his feelings towards me and then dates someone else! I told him that he was safe, and ill be by in a couple hours but i cant leave work. I called left a message telling me to just let me know if hes ok.

One day I felt like sharing the someone had asked me out, but I said no. At the end of month two he comes to my house, picks me up and we go back to his house and we have sex, my first time having sex as well! He blocked me on FB right after HS with no reason, no explanation, no nothing. I told him that I had liked him too in HS and asked that he call me on the weekend so we could talk. We hung out every single day, to my great surprise. Baby mama got in touch…and now here comes the drama. I then tried to bail on the whole thing…saying he needs to focus on clearing it up, that I will be on the back burner and Ive done this before and its no fun. He told me he wanted support snd people to be there for him. At the same time, working on your own insecurities is the best way to handle fear of rejection and will prevent it from happening the next time you meet someone you really like. I cannot let it go because I really liked him and he just left me.

He really wanted to go to the movies with me and would ask every day and remind me about our date on Saturday. She actually came to our work screaming bloody murder. Left me confused and wondering and feeling very sad.

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