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You can search sites that have p H food charts & put on your fridge.

Hope this helps.12 year ' Survivor.' Also diffusing Organic essential oils of Lemon and Pine through out the rooms will kill off pathogens within 30 minutes to 1 hour. I took it internally for about 40 days and it does kill off parasites. U DO NOT WANT TO HAVE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO YOUR PSYCHE!!! THOUGHT IT WAS BED BUGS THE FOR MONTHS OF "SLEEPLESS NIGHTS OF INSANITY"...

The bites have gotten to my legs pretty well, though. The bites have turned to sores with a black ring around them. They typically come in groups of 2's to 4's, and when irritated can have a "ring" around them like you mention. I don't have advice as to a cure, but it's worth looking into this as a possible cause, because if so you will need to treat the home to remove them, and any internal treatments, while soothing may not be sufficient. I found that, next day, I hadn't been bitten anymore and my bites had actually gone down and didn't itch so much.

As well, Mo M contains mainly Magnesium Hydroxide, which is highly hydrohobic (drives water out). It's for dandruff; readily available at the drugstore. (Whether Springtails, mange or Dermodex mites, etc.).

So using Mo M will also dehydrate the bugs or mites and kill them that way too. I read on a medical website that sulfur kills mites, and it seems to be true. Most people come into contact with these insects and naturally repel them but many others who have immune issues cannot. Remember, if you put it ON your skin - it goes IN your body.

See urge cdc petition and you will realize there is in fact a silent epidemic of various skin mites.

I just tried Neem oil on my feet and it does seem ver soothing--taking away a hot redness.

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  1. Even those who 'know' what they want can change their minds." So, it is perfectly okay to be honest with someone about what you are looking for before the first date - but be prepared for the possibility that your feelings will change.