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He showcased several bots studio’s work, all of which are around conversational bots.

I was intrigued and then he went on to show the hows behind building the bot. John mentioned that QZ’s work featured a service from Dialog Flow.

For example: You can add in questions, multiple choice selectors and answers as you see fit.

Remember the aim of this workshop is to build a quick and dirty chat bot, not a perfect one. Then go back to On Sequel and press ‘Publish’ which is in the top right corner of the page.

Now, we want to make the chat session to be a lot more than just one-shot responses.

We’ve chosen articles with important content that we feel will make great chat bots. uk/debt-and-money/debt-solutions/bankruptcy-2/is-bankruptcy-right-for-you/checklist-is-bankruptcy-right-for-you/Types of uk/debt-and-money/pensions/types-of-pension/personal-pensions/What is a tenancy deposit?

Press the ‘Share’ button and make sure you copy the link of your bot. Take their use case card, and imagine that you’re that person trying to do that action while you test the bot.

Give them feedback on post it notes on what they could improve on with their bot. You’re now able to design and build your very own chatbot.

I was determined to build a sample bot this weekend. Since the acquisition, the entire Dialogflow service has become free and available to Google Cloud Platform users. GCP does have a free tier similar to the AWS free tier. I got a 300 dollar credit for the free tier version on GCP.

Here are some of the steps that I followed to create the bot using Dialog Flow. To sign up for GCP, follow this link and watch for the free tier.

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