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Beach time is in full swing, and last night I ate an entire gluten free / dairy free pizza by myself.

So yeah, you could say that I’m taking this whole summer-body thing super seriously.

I get a message from a guy, and I don’t feel the need to respond right away, because I have this crazy thing called a job and sometimes it gets busy. And if you go on a few dates with them, and you don’t like them, then that’s okay. She is extremely passionate about singleness, Red Wings hockey, social equality, and late-night snacking.

I just finished up a much-too-long stint on in which I met a guy from New Jersey who kept calling me, “Miss” and it really just felt like I was a kindergarten teacher or an elderly florist or something. I work a bajillion hours a week at a church that is full of thousands of people, maybe like 7 of which are single. Not everything has a spiritual connotation, and I don’t really want to be talking about Jesus while hockey is on, unless Jesus is actually the first name of one of the players.

I have had the privilege of working with youth from many backgrounds and with many talents and challenges.

I was the chief financial officer in two large local organizations, and am a licensed certified public accountant.

Our Wall of Fame in Valdosta, Georgia, for example, runs the length of a 50ft corridor and holds 63 portraits.

With a mission of helping people look and see their best, your Towson Lens Crafters has a passion for eyes.

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I've taught accounting and understand how frustrating this subject...

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