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Notably, for the first time there were no cover songs.The powerhouse opener, “And the Cradle Will Rock…,” featured the band’s first use of keyboards, an old Wurlitzer disguised by bristling distortion that came from playing it through a Marshall guitar amp. I think it’s our best one yet because it’s got more variety.It’s not too guitar dominated; it’s just got a little bit of everything on it.I just don’t see how he played it that way, but he did.

,” and the frisky “Romeo Delight,” which became the band’s new show opener.

The The instrumental tracks were recorded in four days and the vocals added afterward in six days.

Inside of a week later, they had a finished record.

He’d have the strings about a mile off the fret board.

He likes his whammy bar so loose that he Super Glues the nut on the back so it spins around.” Most Van Halen fans first saw a black-and-white image of this Ibanez Destroyer on the cover of 1980’s .

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No longer allowed the endless club dates that had honed their past material and defined the songwriting process, Eddie and Alex played the main riff to the song together in Dr.

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