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With the help of the interpreter, the bride and the bridegroom’s parents and the villagers followed the proceedings of the wedding as the lovebirds declared their commitment to each other.

MET IN CHURCH The interpreter Immanuel Muigai said the two met in 2016 in Embu County during a church function since both are members of Deaf Mission Fellowship Church.

Immediately after the Tinder technical update, phone spam complaints skyrocketed.

Another solution(2) could be to request a time update from (my) managed server in the cloud by bash routines (of course not via NTP ... - any help is appreciated ...) A third solution(3) could be to establish a VPN channel to the cloud server and get the time from this server (but too complicated for me right now) Looking for solution (1) - the SMS raw-format looks like this: From: 4yzzzxxxxxxxx From_TOA: 91 international, ISDN/telephone From_SMSC: 491710760000 Sent: 16-01-09 Received: 16-01-09 Subject: GSM1 Modem: GSM1 IMSI: 2423834284738 Report: no Alphabet: ISO Length: 7 SMS Message Body I am interested in the 4th line (Sent: 16-01-09 ) of the above SMS raw message content, which shows the sender time (network time).

I would be happy to extract this time and assign it to the bash "date" via "set date ...." bash coding.

You might also consider a solution 4: Purchasing a reference clock (DCF77 modules are rather cheap) and connect it to your Raspberry Pi.

(There might already be some examples for such modules from that community.) USB based modules are also available but tend to be a bit more expensive.

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