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Augustus abolished the post of ethnarch of Alexandria in 10–12 The following year they stormed the synagogues, polluted them, and set up statues of the emperor within.The prefect, Valerius Flaccus , was embarrassed and dared not remove the images of Caesar.

The works of writers such as Josephus () and Philo (Vita Moysis ) contain a defense of Alexandrian Jews' rights.[By: Encyclopedia Judaica] Egypt, centered along the banks of the River Nile from the Mediterranean coast southward, is a land rich in both biblical and contemporary Jewish history.In 1948, the Jewish population of Egypt reached as high as 75,000.Since Manetho 's antisemitic work was written in his reign there must have been a fair number of Jews already in Egypt.Ptolemy Euergetes (246–221) was said to have been favorably disposed toward the Jews and to have respected their religion. One is the number of Jews who settled in the nome of Arsinoe ( Faiyum ) in his reign, and the other is the synagogue inscription dedicated to him, declaring that he granted the rights of asylum to the synagogues (Frey, Corpus 2 pp. There is also a synagogue inscription from Schedia, which was also probably dedicated to him (Reinach in ; Jos., Wars ).

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However, the Jews were more observant of the Sabbath and dietary laws than those of Alexandria.

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