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Although Putin told Clinton that a sanction resolution against Iran “was possible” — at the same time, (all smiles) — the Prime Minister cautioned Clinton that sanctions “do not always resolve the issue and in some cases could be counterproductive.” In other words, behind Putin’s smile, is pure steel.By way of contrast in matters of foreign affairs, US President Barack Obama, (all smiles), in June 2009, demanded that Israel “freeze” all settlements in the occupied territories.Putin, who also blocked the American programming of The Simpsons and South Park due to their “undermining of social mores,” then advised the station to produce a positive series on school life.Working closely with Patriarch Kirill over the past year, Putin has arranged for the prelate to anchor his own television program, hold stadium meetings with Russian youth, and introduce a wide range of new Orthodox Christian curriculum in Russia’s public schools adding to the existing courses on Orthodoxy in spite of Jewish objections.

The immediate task of Kaczynski was strengthening of influence of Poland in central and south-eastern Europe from the Oder to the Dnieper, from the Baltic to the Adriatic Sea, the Black and Caspian Sea.

However, after huge pressure from 16 Jewish leaders from 14 Jewish organizations, (there are thousands of them), and Israel’s recalcitrance, Obama dropped his demand only 2 months later.

on February 8, 2010, Vladimir Putin banned a fictional television series which “dramatized” the lives of Moscow schoolchildren with scenes of rebellion and depravity.

And if ever America needed a captain of its society to hold the people together, it MUST be decided NOT in the next election — but within the psyche of the American people themselves.

Antoni Macierewicz: ”Negotiations of Putin and Tusk led to elimination of Polish President Lech Kaczynski” “The murder of Mr Kaczynski is a part of the plan of Russian aggression from Kyrgyzstan to Ukraine and Poland,” a well-known Polish journalist Antoni Macierewicz writes.

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By contrast, Barack Obama did no photo-ops on Easter Sunday…no speeches.

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