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It’s an inconvenience, but I’ve had it for 20 years and have never, to my knowledge, passed it on. There is still so much ignorance and fear that I find it difficult to know when to say something.

Although it’s a handy idiot filter – if they respond like an idiot, you’ve had a lucky escape.

I’ve not had any partners be particularly worried about it, especially since so many people have it.

At least I know I have it so I can do what I can to minimise risk.

You can carry the herpes simplex without having any symptoms or side effects and a vast number of people have it without even knowing.

I chatted to several people who’ve been diagnosed about how it affects them.

I ran meetup events and made a ton of friends, which was unexpected but wonderful.Every person I spoke to had been helped at some point by the Herpes Virus Association, so I asked the charity’s director Marian Nicholson to give me the herpes lowdown.Government stats show that diagnoses of herpes simplex have been steadily increasing over the past decade.Is it becoming more common, or are people just better at getting tested?There was a sudden increase in the numbers of people being diagnosed with genital herpes when the 48 hour access rule came in.

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