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Co-sleeping isn’t always the romantic ideal it might seem – between snoring, duvet hogging and your other-half doing starfish impersonations, blissful shut-eye isn’t always on the cards.

Attention, married women: What you don't know about marriage may spell trouble. Here is some expert advice to avoid or correct six common mistakes that can cost a marriage, or at the least, weaken its foundations.

If you have concerns, Heitler encourages "verbalizing them in a respectful way," rather than speaking in a frustrated, irritated voice. But do it in a way that searches for solutions and alternatives, rather than venting in a way that puts a peaceful solution further out of reach.

If you feel you aren't being heard by your husband, you may want to explore the ways you try to get through to him.

The sense of helplessness leads to anger that eventually boils over, she says. Express your concerns rationally, whether about housework or parenting duties, or about not getting enough time with your husband or for yourself.

But many couples don't have those discussions and are operating on auto-pilot.

For example, he says some women "think having a baby will change their husband or bring him closer.

What we know about marriage satisfaction is that it takes a massive dip when the first child is born. it would help them navigate normal roadblocks and not freak out when it happens." No matter who's speaking, man or woman, tone of voice can be an issue if it's tinged only slightly with negativity.

Some women tend to be "all about him" rather than all about themselves, as men tend to be, Heitler says.

"Usually, they're afraid it could make a fight or some unpleasantness, or they just think somehow, on a subconscious level, in order to preserve the relationship, they have to diminish what they themselves want," she says.

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If you feel good about yourself, you're probably going to feel sexual," Karam says.

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