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In a sense, it is about conversion — the conversion of individuals from disconnection and the fear of being vulnerable, into being willing to take risks and open themselves up to others.

It's also a documentary about social conversion, and the potential for hookup culture to be transformed into a positive, beautiful and distinctly 21st-century dating culture.

The two youngest singles featured in "The Dating Project" are students in a class where one of the requirements is to go on a traditional date.

Several students sharing their reflections on the assignment is one of the most hope-giving parts of "The Dating Project." Cronin teaches the students how to go on a date, and their confusion changes into curiosity and then action.

Surprisingly upbeat and constructive, "The Dating Project" shows that the struggle to find loving relationships in the modern world is worthwhile and hopeful.

When it comes to dating, we all know that times have changed.

"The Dating Project" manages to navigate the pain and confusion felt by many single people in a way that is ultimately positive and hopeful.

[Kathleen Cavender has a Master of Arts in systematic theology and works at Marquette University as a residence hall minister and campus ministry communications coordinator.

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This has led to a host of challenges that tend to be exacerbated by hookup culture, high-speed yet casual communication, and dating apps.

Of course, this might not be problematic if singles were finding fulfillment in modern dating, leading to "The Dating Project" documentary's most important discovery.

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