Dating by train from beijing

The market mostly caters to the local populace, so you’re under less pressure to buy.

With such a mix of items on offer, you could be looking at Ming-style carved wooden furniture at one stall before turning a corner to find Tibetan artwork, old coins or political posters at another.

At the heart of it all is the Forbidden City, a vast complex of palaces, gardens and halls dating to the 15th century, once only accessible to emperors and their families.On the outskirts of the city are peaceful gardens where, as you stroll among the trees, you come across traditional halls and temples.Modern-day Beijing is on show in the bustling markets selling electronics, gaudy trinkets and deep-fried crickets.The huge park at the temple’s entrance serves as a communal leisure space for local people.Visiting early in the morning, you can watch them dancing, fencing, flag waving and practicing the traditional art of t'ai chi.

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