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You are wasting your own money and looking to the rest of the world like a dumbass who can’t choose the right truck.And unfortunately for most truck owners, this is Always.With this thing, I can drill 50 half-inch holes through half-inch steel plate without breaking a sweat. Now, when I need to drill a few small holes to set some hinges, which of these drills do you think I grab? And yet, when a man buys a 360-horsepower pickup truck and uses it for anything smaller than hauling an excavating machine, this is what he is doing: See, when you buy a truck, you look smart only at those moments you are maxing that thing out.Payload and towing load at 100% of rated capacity, 16-foot lumber on the roof rack, and the cabin full to the limits of comfort.You could say a truck needs to carry you and your crew to work, or haul your tools, materials and trailers. Why are you bringing the tools and materials in the first place? These machines are business tools, designed to make us a profit.

Neither of these is a very impressive message to send.

In fact, they are so far apart, that the more flashy and comfortable your truck becomes, the more obvious it becomes that you are not using it to make money.

In other words, you are telling the world you’re a big fake.

At all other moments, you’re showing you bought too much truck.

You are using the 163 pound drill press to countersink tiny screws in a door frame.

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  2. I'm guessing it would be easier to relate and communicate with someone of a similar MBTI. New Hampshire is a tiny state, so may have to expand your search to INTP... Edit: It's my spring break so I'm drinking and playing Mass Effect. :)I say INTP and INTJ because I want someone with whom I can relate. I haven't had that much luck finding someone like that, so I started looking for similar MBTI types. Haha have some hope :) even in real life you're going to have to shift through 10 creepers to find one possible match and another 5-10 possible matches to find someone you want to date for awhile.