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As Gladden and Baird approached Keller’s Store on the Llano River east of Mason, they saw Sheriff John Clark standing outside.

A gun battle developed and shots began pouring at Gladden and Baird from behind a stone wall.

Later some of the gang barged into John Meusebach’s store and fired several shots at the feet of the dignified old German statesman, one of which grazed his leg.

The next target of Cooley’s gang was Carl Bader.

His presence unnerved people as he wore his hat down low over his eyes and would take notice of no one in particular.

He even refused to shake hands with anyone for concern that his gun hand not be available for a second.

Around September 24, Gladden had recovered from his wounds enough to ride again.

On August 19, Cooley’s band showed up at Bader’s farm in Llano County and found him working in the field.Jones Frontier Ranger Battalion was dispatched to Mason County.No sooner were the Rangers sent than the next wave of violence shook the streets of Mason.Upon receiving the news, Cooley had reportedly burst into tears and vowed revenge on the parties responsible.After the killing of Wohrle, Cooley was never the same man.

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