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Near Varazdin Breg there is a village of Turcin (= The Turk).Croatian glagolitic priest fra Matija had to escape from Bosnia in front of the Turks with numerous compatriots.A witness speaking to the compared the sound of chairs and tables being knocked over by the speeding car to a "gunfight".The mayor of Graz, Siegfried Nagl, was riding his Vespa only metres away from the car as it screamed down Zweiglgasse and said he heard a "loud bang" behind him.Also in Hrvatsko Zagorje, near Zagreb, there is a One can find Croatian families bearing the Turkish second name of Ulama even in the NW of Croatia (Hrvatsko Zagorje).The town of Tuhelj in Hrvatsko Zagorje was given by those Croats who had to escape from the region of the village of Tuhelj in Bosnia, between Kresevo and Konjic, see [Gizdelin, pp 44, 53].

The incident started at around 12.15pm local time (11.15am BST), sending screaming shoppers running into shops for safety.

This afternoon it was lined with 50 ambulances and dozens of police cars as helicopters flew overhead.

Hermann Schützenhöfer, the governor of Styria state, called the driver a "deranged lone assassin"."We are shocked and no explanation and no excuse for this attack," he said at a press conference."We have much to do to ensure cohesion in our community, which has clearly become difficult for many people.

The aim of this article is to indicate deep connections between the Croats and Muslim Bosniaks (= Bosnjaci - Muslimani).

In order to avoid misunderstanding we shall rather use their descriptional name - Muslim Slavs.

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