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I'm a mix of little/pet with a bit of a slave side.

If you want to message you can either message me on KIK at Bella Puppy2016 or at my Fetlife account bellapuppy2016.

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DD/lg stands for Daddy Dom and little girl, but it also known as Daddy Dom and babygirl.

Do not be fooled by the name though, it is not gender specific, there are Mommies and little boys as well.

There is much more, but this is the core of the one that I seek.

A woman who is not afraid to be a little girl and a submissive and full adult partner. I like to be outdoors such as fishing camping and hunting and etcetera.

While most people are familiar with Master/slave or Master/pet, there is a "gentler" and more lenient dynamic and that is DD/lg.Our mission is to celebrate older gay men and to create a healthy, fun alternative to meat-market websites.Meet hot guys (chubby to muscle and everything in between), chat, share photos, discuss issues facing older guys, and build mature rewarding relationships with men of all ages. I sometimes get in trouble but that's okay because that's my child side.I have never been spoiled but I am open to giving it a try and I definitely hate cheating and you have to trust me for me to trust you as well as showing respect for me and also respect for you.

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