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i know that someone copied my video and got over 3m views guys thank you for telling me , i'm gonna ''let it go'' because his channel obviously needs some help and all this is actually belonging to Disney not me.Baymax sings to Elsa ( Big Hero 6 & Frozen parody ) I really wanted to do this, enjoy!:) Remember to LIKE COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE for more!Friend Code: 7101329NJHere you will find "most" of the breeding combinations for My Singing Monsters.· 3rd place: Bogna Białecka, you have won a My Singing Monsters t-shirt and 250 Diamonds!

*** STAY TUNED and Follow: My Singing Monsters Singing Monsters My Singing Monsters ***Monsterful merchandise available @ .Do note that if you break the rules, you will be blocked from editing and will not be able to add any more codes.So please take your time to read all of the rules, including the official MSM Wiki policies, before posting your code. It would be useful to include your in-game name in addition to your code.That will make it easier for your friends to find you in the friend list. It would also be useful to add a date for when you had added your code onto this page; that way it would be easier to organize your friend code so that your friend code(s) can be found more easily. " referral bonus — that's intended to be a special thank-you for the person who introduces you to the game. You can do that for someone on this list if you want, but you might want to save it.

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