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Write about your real hobbies and passions, but do it in a funny way.For example, instead of saying, “I like to fish,” say, “All the time I've spent fishing has taught me that even the best line gets weak if you use it too often.” Instead of saying, “I'm an Information Technology Technician,” you might say, “I'm an IT guy, but I won't fix your computer until at least the third date.” Keep in mind that it's possible to be scrupulously honest and still funny. If you were a burger at Mc Donald's you'd be the Mc Gorgeous. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together. This isn't exactly a funny pickup line, but I accidentally discovered a cool tactic for starting a conversation with a guy and I think it's kind of amusing. Finally, a really cute young guy with a bookbag entered. "I'm looking for someone who is looking for an Italian speaking woman and I forgot to ask what they look like, I have no idea." He began to ask me why and we talked for ten minutes.

It can also set the stage for a much higher quality first date.Or you can pretend to want to date their dog, which works like a charm for me.As a last resort, share a (non offensive) joke or something stupid you saw on the internet.And frankly, if you've been online dating long enough, it gets really, really irritating. Two of the comments this received: Michael: "I say/hear the same thing at work everyday. It's lazy, and putting the burden of conversation on the receiver instead of the person that actually "wants" to talk. But sometimes being bizarre for fun can help you stand out in a crowd, and you'll get points if you make them laugh.Here's something I recently posted (a Coffee Meets Bagel conversation) and two comments I got on the exchange—one from a guy friend, one from a girl friend. I have an entire inbox of "how was your day" "hi" "how was your weekend". It's lazy, annoying, and just not worth a positive response if any at all. Here are a few things you can try instead of "Hey"—and the proof is in the screen shots. Spoiler alert: I saw this "moment" on Tinder, cracked up, and messaged the guy right away. This is just another excellent reason to read the person's profile!

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You look good poppy but now you look fa bu where did that butt come from Please pass me my sunglasses your smile is just too bright If looks were money you'd be the whole buck 25Lets dance diva I know you have more moves then a fat boy with the runs Ay Poppy do a spin let me see all your delicious self I'm not a guy but if I were I'd be bi for you Recently, a friend introduced me to a guy, we didn't have too much interraction , but that still didn't stop him from coming up to me at the end of the night and saying: So babe, are you ready to go? you look so good in those pants you are making me think straight What did you go and put a dress like that on!

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