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If you’re going through a divorce and are feeling confused or overwhelmed, you should contact an attorney for help.If you can’t afford to hire an attorney, a court might order your spouse to pay your attorney’s fees after considering both of your financial resources.A child support order can be modified (changed) only if there’s been a major change in circumstances – such as an involuntary job loss or a substantial shift in parenting time.For a complete description of how child support is calculated and modified in Colorado, see Child Support in Colorado, by Susan Bishop.You should ask a lawyer whether you may be entitled to have your spouse pay your legal fees.You can access the child support calculator for Colorado by clicking here.If spouses can’t agree, they’ll end up in court, and a judge will decide for them.In Colorado, a court can order one spouse (“paying spouse”) to pay temporary alimony to a lower-earning or unemployed spouse (“supported spouse”) during the divorce proceeding. To qualify for longer-term alimony, supported spouses must show that they don’t have enough income or assets to support themselves.

The Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration, Division of Human Resources (DHR) provides centralized human resources for the State of Colorado.For a current and complete list of all filing fees click here.If you hire an attorney, he or she will likely charge you an hourly fee.DHR is responsible for the oversight of all state agency human resources functions and total compensation including maintaining the statewide employment, job evaluation and pay systems.Additionally, the Division is responsible for the self-funded benefits system including health, life, dental and deferred compensation for 38,000 eligible employees covering 44,000 lives and the state's business risk and loss control programs including all property insurance, liability and worker's compensation.

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Generally speaking, the guideline calculation is based on the parents’ income(s) and time spent with the children.

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