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A lunch for new leaders, one-on-one audiences with presidents and prime ministers – all proper Sovereign stuff.

The prince's medals on parade: (left to right) The Most Honorable Order of The Bath, Great Master (1975); Order of Australia, Knight (1981); Queen's Service Order, New Zealand, Extra Companion; Coronation Medal (1953); Jubilee Medal (1977); Golden Jubilee Medal (2002); Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012); Canadian Forces Decoration (1991); The New Zealand Commemorative Medal; New Zealand Armed Forces Medal Having decided that a long-haul summit was asking a little too much these days, the Queen had requested that the Prince should take her place at the 22nd Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo. This theory is best supported by the fact that certain Montanists ( Sozomen, Hist. Cels., VIII, 67, etc) had to assert that Sol was not the Christians' God; Augustine (Tract xxxiv, in Joan. L., XXXV, 1652) denounces the heretical identification of Christ with Sol. Other theories of pagan origin The origin of Christmas should not be sought in the Saturnalia (1-23 December) nor even in the midnight holy birth at Eleusis (see J. Jud., 8)], the popular instinct, demanding an exact number of years in a Divine life, would place His conception on the same date, His birth 25 December.Ephraem Syrus (whose hymns belong to Epiphany, not to Christmas) proves that Mesopotamia still put the birth feast thirteen days after the winter solstice; i.e. The commemoration, however, of David and James the Apostle on 25 December at Jerusalem accounts for the deferred feast. its initiator, in Constantinople, where, since the death of Valens, orthodoxy was reviving. Chrysostom's episcopate lasted from 398 to 402; the feast would therefore have been introduced between these dates by Chrysostom bishop, as at Antioch by Chrysostom priest. Rome At Rome the earliest evidence is in the Philocalian Calendar (P. In the civil calendar 25 December is marked "Natalis Invicti". Again, in winter it must have been; then only field labour was suspended. Authorities moreover differ as to whether shepherds could or would keep flocks exposed during the nights of the rainy season. Hymns and Christmas offices abound in instances; the texts are well arranged by Cumont (op. Fires and blazing wheels starred the hills, houses were adorned, trials suspended and feasts celebrated (cf. For the calend mumming; the extraordinary and obscene Modranicht ; the cake in honour of Mary's "afterbirth", condemned (692) at the Trullan Council, canon 79; the Tabulæ Fortunæ (food and drink offered to obtain increase, and condemned in 743), see Tiele, op. viii, ix -- Tiele's data are perhaps of greater value than his deductions -- and Ducange (op. Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.6 January; Armenia likewise ignored, and still ignores, the December festival. In the "Depositio Martyrum" a list of Roman or early and universally venerated martyrs, under 25 December is found "VIII kal. Zachary's temple service Arguments based on Zachary's temple ministry are unreliable, though the calculations of antiquity (see above) have been revived in yet more complicated form, e.g.

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Behind the scenes, though, mature discussions have long been under way to ensure that the Monarchy adjusts to suit the advancing years of its two senior figures.

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