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They also know that there are plenty of other developers available to work on it because they are involved in the Cold Fusion community, which is very supportive.Since CF went open source it has been easier to use CFML in new projects and many new developers have built things using it. First let's start with some history and then talk about contemporary CFML.There's still plenty of Perl running these days.The language has moved along, progressing, even if hasn't kept up with other languages, so many companies haven't had a compelling case to abandon it. For example, portions of the JPL site for the Curiosity rover were written in CFML.Do consider though that there's probably more CF devs than say clojure, go or devs, so I'm not sure if I'd call it an "obscure" language.(Don't have a lot of scientific data, just going off of observation and in a loose correlation, the number of jobs postings on sites like Indeed) I do think less devs are pursuing the language, so there's definitely a risk.

CF is very good at acting as a bridge between various systems: I've done stuff with it which incorporates some of the underlying java, which then talked to a legacy database off running god knows what, which then talked to exchange etc.It is as old and tested for web development as any other modern scripting platform such as Ruby, PHP, etc.The language CFML (and now CFScript) has a very devoted user base who have evolved with and helped it evolve over the years.Nothing against CF, but picking an obscure language for a client's project really screws them if they need to move to a new developer for some reason.Even Rails can be expensive and hard to hunt down in some parts of the country.

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I learned CF, and learning curve was easy because I already knew the editor (Cold Fusion Studio; basically enhanced version of Homesite, as both owned by same company, Allaire, which was later purchased by Macromedia)Back in the day, it was a faster way to develop.

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