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Her plan would bring her to London on a visit to Freddy’s family and (hopefully) render the elusive Mr Westruther madly jealous. Her funniest book, it is a plucky-innocent-reforms-rake parody, written in her prime in 1953.It features the orphaned Kitty Charing, who is piqued by the “devilish handsome” Jack Westrother’s failure to turn up when her guardian tells his great-nephews that his fortune goes with her hand.Excellent and hilarious twists of fortune ensue, and I defy you to guess the outcome.

Her father encouraged his talented daughter, eventually finding a publisher for the book, which was released in 1921.Kitty pretends to be engaged to her cousin Freddy to do a London season.Cue dress-shop scenes, but also social realities as she discovers the expediency of the marriage market.It is the first of two Heyer titles planned for 2009.Clare Wille was widely praised for her reading of Cranford.

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