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But, Russell saw a magnificent woman in Ciara and a great mother, so why wouldn’t he want to make her Mrs.

Wilson and to be able to love her son, that’s a great man.

Don’t get me wrong, pure poison is worthy of the love it gets for being unashamedly itself in all its glory. The powder does let go after a bit, leaving you with just the candy, sweet and tart. Do yourself a favour and go for the EDP A full sized bottle has been on my want list from the moment I first tried it.

But while I didn’t mind it I would be told I smelled of washing powder constantly. This is an absolutely brilliant fragrance and one of my secret weapons so to speak! I like very much how this smells from the beginning, but the tonka beans start to come through and gives it gourmand vanilla kind tone which I don't like. It reminds me a bit of those Rockets or Sweet Tarts candies without actually smelling childish/juvenile. However my recent experience hasn't been very good after becoming very nauseated from the very strong powder smell.

The face of perfume is the movie star Hilary Swank, the Oscar-winner for the main role in the 'Million Dollar Baby' film.

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The heart is floral-sweet, composed of violet, rose, and orange blossom.

At the end, sweet raisins and balsams together have joined iris and Tonka bean to round the composition. At first spray I get violets and fluffy pink bubblegum that then turns into a beautiful soft musk and honey..soapy incense.

But, Guerlain is not afraid to surprise, and even provoke.

There is a delicate and soft violet waiting for you in the top notes, followed by red-fruits cocktail with raspberry domination.

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So - there is something in this that I really like AND something that also irritates me :) I love this, and the fact that where I live not many people wear it.

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