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Please surround yourself with people who can help you because you will need the support.With time you learn to deal with it but the love for them never fades. Hi Alana I too lost my partner to suicide on New Years Day this year. I can appreciate the massive swing in emotions and feelings which you are probably experiencing now.Ora che hai conosciuto nuovi amici, ricerchi l'anima gemella?Cambia stanza e buttati a capofitto in quella dedicata ad incontri, amore e relazioni , tra centinaia di Uomini e Donne conoscerai la persona giusta per te.Unfortunately the hardest thing you never get the answer, and believe me that is so hard.You go through so many emotions and some days you just don’t know how you will carry on, but you do.

Everyone’s experience of bereavement is very individual, so if other people try to tell you how you should be coping, remember you are a special individual.It was heartbreaking, the thing is no-one knows what is going through the minds of these poor people, it is an illness just like any other and unless they seek help this happens again and again, even with help it happens.He was a lovely young man but he had problems that he could not share with anyone, even my son never knew what he was going through until the day he found him then he tried to support him as best he could but at the end of the day nothing could save him.Fatte e finite le premesse, non resta che buttarsi nella mischia!Simple free PHP & j Query chat project with flat file database Chat X is a highly customized and refined version of the first iteration of the Shout Box script originally introduced on Tutorialzine in 2015.

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