Carrey is dating russian student anastasia vitkina

According to New York Post sources, the blonde on Jim Carrey's arm over the last few weeks is named Anastasia Vitkina.She's a Russian student in New York and insiders confirm she and the 49-year old actor are quite "hot and heavy" these days.Vitkina is reportedly the ex-girlfriend of one of Carrey's pals and the two were spotted at a Guns N’ Roses gig in Los Angeles this month.She's the first woman Carrey has seriously dated since he and Jenny Mc Carthy ended their five-year relationship.He did not reveal how much money he paid her but said is now demanding that he be given back three times as much.The star dismissed their accusation that he caused her death and said instead that she decided to take her own life because she felt guilty about extorting him two years earlier and that she was upset about a message her mother had sent her two weeks before she died.They say he gave her the pills to kill herself after obtaining them in a false name and allege that he gave her STDs without warning her.

Since college students do not have much of an income, travel expenses are often fully paid for by their Sugar Daddies.

In a newly-discovered note that she wrote two years before taking her own life, Cathriona blamed the actor for exposing her to a debauched life of sex and drugs and scorned him for 'giving her' herpes.

The note was written by Cathriona on April 8, 2013, on her i Pad.

Carrey kept his brunette hair in a disheveled manner as he engaged in light conversation with his male counterparts.

The Canadian-born star has been embroiled in a wrongful death lawsuit surrounding his ex Cathriona White, who took her own life on September 25, 2015.

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Less than 24 hours ago, New York Post revealed that the mystery lady is in fact Anastasia Vitkina, a 29 year old college student from New York who began dating Jim Carrey after his split with Jenny Mc Carthy last year.

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