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Emotional moments of redemption are attempted by the third act, but none of them are earned nor appropriate.

The crazy events and dirty jokes all try to meet up in some sort of message about how life is not about getting the big things. Just the number of "should I really be laughing at this" type of jokes glamorizes the romantic lifestyle rather than attacks it.

The supporting cast was equally as horrible, say for instance Sugar Lyn Beard, who plays the soon-to-be-married sister of Mike and Dave. There is no story, but rather a series of jokes that drag on and on and on without a clear punchline.

She's not exactly a "bad actress," she just has this annoying high-pitched voice that doesn't even sound that natural. Within the hour and thirty-eight minutes you'll need to suffer through, a girl falls off a roof and gets seriously hurt, a building catches fire at a 4th of July party, a grandfather dies at his birthday celebration, a girl gets hit in the face by an all-terrain vehicle and is heavily bruised the day before her wedding rehearsal, and all of these bits are intended to be the most hilarious thing ever. Well no, but the audience in my screening were hysterical throughout the entire movie, which makes me incredibly worried.

Zac wrapped his arm around his former Hairspray costar as they walked to the event.

So in order to stay in line, they are told to find dates for their upcoming sister's wedding in Hawaii.

None of these four young stars are as funny as you'd think they are, and they each resort only to screaming like drunk bozos to spice up the sleazy screenplay.

They're all unbearably annoying to watch, Anna Kendrick in particular.

Zac Efron appears to be making major efforts to keep clean after news broke last month of his stays in rehab earlier this year.

The actor, 25, was spotted getting cozy with his hairspray co-star Brittany Snow, 27, Thursday Oct. Efron was seen wrapping his arms around Snow, hugging her from behind. The two were attending the Hayride with a group of fellow celebs and friends, including co-star Vanessa Hudgens, whom he dated for four years before the couple split in late 2010.

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Enstars reported the news last month of Efron's secret rehab stints earlier this year.

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