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What’s the toughest part of pulling it off every year?It’s a unique person who can not only commit to 10 weeks of fundraising, but is also willing to get onstage in front of an audience of 1,200 people.“We curate everything else in life, like our schools or our jobs,” Prosser said. ” Not everyone at the party found the reputation for elitism objectionable.“I like it,” joked Elle Cameron, who also works in marketing. We wouldn’t be trying to get on if we weren’t interested in that.

The San Francisco Symphony sets the standard for excellence in musical performance and shapes cultural life throughout the spectrum of Bay Area communities — and opening night is the biggest event of the year, toasting to the new season.Single people in Seattle aren’t satisfied with dating apps, but use them anyway. The League, as Geek Wire reported last week, is a technology-powered dating service that uses a highly-selective admissions-based model to screen potential users. Those are some of our takeaways after attending The League’s launch party on a warm summer evening Wednesday at the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion in Ballard.Before it officially launches next week in Seattle, The League hosted an exclusive party for some of its users.It received 9,534 applicants and accepted 2,005 people in the Emerald City.

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  1. Even worse, thanks to a report from Buzz Feed News, it was revealed that the company has been sharing its users' data (including their HIV status and GPS location). If you were in person, you'd be excused for taking a moment to figure out how to respond. You may not think that’s why you wrote it, but it is.

  2. You can see that with electrical tape and some thin cardboard (like poster board), I fabricated a simple cover over the rear of the astro-camera. My camera is only suitable for the moon and planets, in that it doesn't have the capacity for long time exposures.