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Until 1967, the majority of states in the United States had laws against interracial marriage aiming at separation of the races.

These laws declared marriages between Caucasians and African Americans illegal.

People from different racial groups have been increasingly working and going to school together, while, with the racial gaps in income narrowing, neighborhoods monopolised by whites in the past have become more affordable for members of racial minorities.

As a result of physical proximity, there are opportunities for interracial connections and friendships.

Mixed-race children of interracially married couples also tend to bring racial groups closer thanks to their friend networks, which are racially heterogeneous, while racial boundaries are further blurred by the growing mixed-race population.

As a result, there has been a shift in attitudes toward interracial marriage over time and an increase in interracial marriages.

Similar concerns are also common among the African-American population.

While socioeconomic inequality among people from different races in the United States has existed for centuries due to racial discrimination and prejudice, the racial barrier for certain groups seems to be weakening.The upward trend in marriages of people from different racial groups is a sign that racial and ethnic relations are improving and racial and ethnic distinctions are breaking down.In addition, the increase in interracial marriages is not limited only to the United States but has been noticed in other parts of the world.This is the case with Asian Americans who fear that interracial marriages reduce the pool of eligible candidates who can engage in same-culture marriages.The more Asian-American women are marrying outside their racial group, the more Asian-American men remain unmarried because the number of single Asian-American women decreases.

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