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That's not to say the lawsuit would WIN - which is what everyone here seems to get off on arguing about - Everyone seems to want to jump into this conversation and have this almost "8 year old kid super hero battle" where we run through tons and tons of hypothetical situations to win or lose.

u/Valkmir, I will have the "obligatory" disclosure on your absurd statement.Then the law reads differently - had he have opportunity to run somewhere else and call the security?This is what u/Kitchner suggested and he is absolutely right. He clearly had the opportunity to do so- instead, he chose to fight.An environment/hell, in which the term 'work-life balance' is used to convince bright, young professionals to accept jobs. They will continue to use it as a topic of positive discussion for the future (always in the future).Once on the other side, it becomes apprent very fast that it doesn't exist, but the majority of employees stay, because the partners continue to say they are "working" to improve 'work-life balance'.

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