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When asked how often respondents follow recommendations in national compendia, even if it differs from the manufacturer’s directions, most reported always (21%), often (28%), or sometimes (27%).

Examples include bleomycin, cytarabine, DAPTOmycin, dacarbazine, diazepam, epoetin alfa, various insulin analogs, and various electrolytes.The other prime reason for following compendia recommendations, even if they differ from the manufacturer’s directions, is that the compendia recommendations reflect the latest evidence-based practices.About a quarter of respondents reported that, upon request, manufacturers never or rarely provide newer in-house data on extended beyond use dating that differs from the package insert.We conducted the survey to learn more about what resources pharmacists rely on to guide drug storage, stability, and beyond use dating.We were specifically interested in learning about conditions that may result in unnecessary waste of drugs during the ongoing drug shortage crisis or waste of very expensive medications given the ever rising cost associated with healthcare. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) standard 42 CFR §482.25(b)(3) states that “Outdated, mislabeled, or otherwise unusable drugs and biologicals must not be available for patient use.” To avoid the use of outdated drugs, CMS requires pharmacists to follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding storage, stability, and beyond use dating in the official US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved prescribing information (package insert) [§482.25(a)].

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