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Purvis’ “chilling, horrifying smile accompanying his news of the patient’s death.” When questioned, Mrs.Sherman admitted that she was “somewhat clueless as to the level of medical care or the rigor of the surgical procedure.” It was rather that the out-of- place smile on the doctor’s face told the wife that something was terribly wrong. Fortune 100 company who was the subject of accusations of bullying and abuse from his subordinates. We hardly need a lecture on facial expression to know that a grim, expressionless and saddened face typically delivers very bad news. With a smirk on his face the head of cardiology told the wife and kids that their dad had just died on the surgical table. But in response to a surgery gone bad the misplaced smile created deep turmoil and anger.

In my experience voters have an intuitive radar and what some call a belly logic. Is an inappropriate smile worth a medical malpractice lawsuit or the wrath of colleagues?

Even a surgeon, not the most emotionally engaged of people I generally have met, have to have tha much competency to manage a social situtation like this. I have known people who inappropriately smile when under stress.

Most don't feel like smiling when they lose a patient, anyway. They might burst out laughing, which can go over to tears in a second.

The dastardly smile at the time of the COOs lashing out at employees was described as: scary; ghastly; devilish; chilling; smug; from hell; a demonic grin; Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” and the Smirk of Hades.” Somehow, in the midst his bad language, harassing verbiage and public threats there was something that resonated ever louder.

It was the inappropriate smile that jumped out as the most threatening and deadly means of expression.

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It is written all over our face and spews out from every appendage of our human anatomy.

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