Battlefield 3 punkbuster not updating

Most users report only the performance boost, including inside closed areas.

This is a known issue which affects a small minority of our users.

The first thing you should do to try and resolve this is disable Windows Aero while playing the game; this can give you a surprising boost in performance.

To do this, simply tick the "Disable Windows Aero" checkbox in BF3 Borderless (available since version 1.2).

I've tried re-installing the game, re-installing my Windows 7 (64Bit) TWICE, I've tried disabling DEP, repairing it and pretty much every fix I could find from Google and on Battlelog forums, but nothing helps.

I know it's not a program interfering because I've tried disabling all processes from my side and only running BF3and I'm starting to think it's a hard ware issue.

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