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But if that’s not your thing or there’s nothing happening nearby, pile up in the car and take off to a concert featuring your guys’ favorite bands or singers.4.Take a Class I don’t mean sign up for the most difficult math class at your local college (unless of course you’re into that thing- more power to you and your awesome brain! I’m thinking more on the lines of a fun class where you can get a little wild and have plenty of fun, like a cooking class at the rec center or an art class at the art museum downtown.Business goals are outlined, but you’re under the gun to come up with something fresh … You’ve met with your creative team, but your ideas for marketing campaigns are all tired, or not very good.If you’re a B2C marketer using an agency or dedicated creative team, give your team some examples of campaigns that you like, and ask them to use those concepts as guidance during their brainstorming.Just what classes are happening in your area and have some awesome fun while learning a new skill with your mate! Wine Tasting Obviously this is a suggestion for the couples over 21- but wine tasting is seriously such a great idea for double dates.

Maybe travel to a really cool pizza place in another city (you know, the one with “adult” games like Dave and Busters? See a Game Going one on one to a sports game is fun, but I think we can all agree that when it comes to sports fans, the more the better!

These double date rendezvous ideas are totally fun and exciting and will turn your traditional double date ideas upside down into something other than “another group movie date”. Go Out to Dinner Ok, so this particular option is one of the traditional double date settings.

But that’s only because it’s ALWAYS a great choice.

Let´s be honest, alcohol chuggers have it easy – they can go to any bar and enjoy their date with alcohol there.

Stoners have to be a little bit more creative (which is good!

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